AB7 IV Laboratory

AB7 Industries Veterinary is a pharmaceutical laboratory registered for the manufacturing of external use veterinarian medecine, under liquid forms (shampoos, lotions, ...), solid forms (powder,...) and under diffusing polymers forms (collars, ear tags,...)

AB7 Veterinarian Industry facilities include a modern, flexible and high performance manufacturing laboratory and a well equipped quality control laboratory. Products are produced under GMP ("Good Manufacturing Practices").

Its main activity is the manufacturing of insecticide and repellent products for pets, horses and cattle.

The Laboratory is also producing a large product line of specialty cosmetics for animals as well as hygiene and environment products for pets.

Most of these products have been developped inside AB7 research and application laboratories and are being tested internally by our veterinarian, pharmacists and entomologist as well as by external laboratories. AB7 IV is a well known specialist in the technology of active polymers, or the technology of integrating an active ingredient inside a plastic matrix; its main application is for insecticide applications but AB7 has developped this technology towards human health and well being applications.

AB7 commercializes the products under the brand name "Pilou" but mostly produces under private label for large pharmaceutical laboratories and distributors who trusted the quality and consistency of AB7 operations for all or part of their manufacturing.